Sunday, March 27, 2016

Sister Spotlight

Andria Diamond

Hometown: Spanish Fort
Major: Nursing
                Book: Jane Eyre
                TV Series: White Collar
                Movie(s): Becoming Jane, Aladdin
                Color: Gold
                Other Favorites: Beyonce and Nicki Minaj* everythan, Sushi, Cookie dough ice cream, Red rose
Hobbies: Writing, Dancing, Shopping, Modeling, Hiking/Camping, binge reading when I have the chance, riding around and looking at pretty houses, Singing in the car
Why I love Alpha Xi Delta: My favorite aspect of Alpha Xi Delta is what lured me to the sisterhood: the opportunity to make a difference. Growing up, my dream was to make a change. Whether that was in someone's life, my community or the world, I wanted to know that my life had made an impact- that I had created a legacy. My father had ingrained the well-known words of Gandhi: "You must be the change you wish to see in the world." When I met the ladies of Alpha Xi Delta, I saw in them the empowerment and support which they used to be the change in our community and beyond. I saw a group of women who was committed to not only bettering themselves, but lifting up others around them by "inspiring women to realize their potential." This motto not only represents the strength within this group of women, but underscores the love and bond of this sisterhood. The greatest part of Alpha Xi Delta is knowing that no matter what, your part in this sisterhood will live in those you encounter and affect: Whether that's with sisters who you inspire and move with the stories of your triumphs in dark times, the community with your leadership and service to others, or with the world, raising money for the fastest growing developmental disorder, Autism, and being able to provide support and love to millions of families everywhere. Alpha Xi Delta not only will help you realize and achieve your full potential; it will be a fundamental part of creating your own legacy.
My favorite memory in Alpha Xi Delta... could never possibly be singled to one moment. It's the combination of all of the small, irreplaceable moments I share with these women. It's the nights we stayed up with a marathon of Disney princess movies while seeing how marshmallows we can eat before getting a sugar overload; it’s the ugly snapchat selfies and spontaneous ice-cream runs to the local gas station at 11pm because you aced your test; it's the embarrassing birthday collage, but the surprise party when the confetti cannon's pop scared you so badly you screamed; and it's the tears I shed as I hugged the graduating seniors at our senior ceremony, realizing the impact they have made on my life forever, and realizing that soon, I will be standing in their spot, and I can only hope that someone will feel the same of me. My favorite memories are things I look back on and can smile, laugh, and even cry at. But the memories I know are to come: that's one of the many reasons I stay and fall more in love with this sisterhood of women every day.

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