Friday, August 19, 2016

Best Aspects of Recruitment

Recruitment at UAB is right around the corner. The ladies of Alpha Xi Delta are getting pumped to meet everyone! As recruitment gets closer, the ladies of Alpha Xi have been reflecting on the best parts of recruitment.

Getting to learn more about the sororities and getting to know the ladies in your Pi Chi group. You never know which ones become your sisters!”
“Recruitment was so exciting because I was meeting all these girls that were going to be my potential new family. Talking to the sisters at Alpha Xi, I was most excited when I realized these girls had the same values and ambitions that I did and that being a part of their sisterhood would help me through my college career and life.”
“The best part was getting to know the girls in my Pi Chi group, who I'm all still friends with!"
"There is no better feeling than the feeling of belonging when you figure out your way during the recruitment process. It can be very stressful and emotional, but the best part is knowing that when it ends, you'll be where you belong.”
“The best part about recruitment is connecting with the many diverse women from different chapters.”

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