Thursday, September 7, 2017

Alpha Xi Delta is....

This time last year I had just started my freshman year at a new place where I didn't know anyone, just the few people from my high-school.  Now I'm sitting here a year later and I have the absolute best friends. Coming from a place that is two hours away, I needed friends and family and I got both. Thanks to Alpha Xi Delta I have found my home here and I would not change a thing. Going through recruitment, I have amaXIng friends and have learned to realize my potential. I have asked a few sisters what Alpha Xi Delta means to them and what makes Alpha Xi Delta special so here are some of those stories.

Alpha Xi Delta means courage and strength.

"To me Alpha Xi Delta means courage and strength. It means being able to get up everyday knowing you are making a difference in someone's life. Alpha Xi has given me the strength to become the woman I am today. It means realizing the potential you have in life and having sisters that push you to succeed. Alpha Xi Delta is love and encouragement. Alpha Xi Delta is home." - Molly Clay

Alpha Xi Delta is friendship. 

"Alpha Xi has brought some of my very best and most true friends that I have ever had. These are the kinds of friendships that you know you will have forever and I know that, no matter what, my sisters in Alpha Xi will always encourage and be there for me!"- Julia Bullock

Alpha Xi Delta is realizing your potential.

"If I only had three words to describe my Alpha Xi Delta experience they would be genuine, selfless, and inspiring. I credit this organization for introducing me to some of my best friends. They are the friends I go on spontaneous road trips with, the friends I study with until 3am in the library, and the friends that support me as I aspire to achieve my goals. These same women have left me speechless at times when they freely offered their support and sacrificed their time to assist me. Sometimes that meant taking me to school so I didn’t miss an exam when my keys were locked in my car; other times it meant just helping support other organizations in which I am involved.  Alpha Xi Deltas are inspiring. They are smart, charismatic, and ambitious, and I have enjoying getting close to such a diverse group of girls. Alpha Xi Delta helped transform me into the person I am today, and I have achieved more than I believed possible because of their support." - Lauren Silverwood

And for me, 

It is the amazing feeling of knowing that your sisters will support you.

A lot of personal things went on in my life during my first semester as a freshman and being in Alpha Xi. I was lost and life was very difficult for me, but I did not have to go through it alone. I knew that I could go to them with anything and they would be there to listen and that is what I needed: support and love. They will have your back no matter what and love you for who you are. - Jakira Gilbert

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